who are we

An eclectic team of creative freelancers, specializing in consultancy & design.
Vancouver, Canada is our home. The World is our focus.

We are what we do. Dreamers. Visionaries. Passionate professionals committed to finding new solutions for old problems, we shake things up and get things done. As a team, we partner with our clients to deliver on-time, on-budget projects by design, not by chance.
We are an award winning digital lab. We love designing beautiful websites, high resolution prints, logos, etc. At Eleven Pixels the focus is on the characteristics that make sites usable, engaging, and memorable. We understand the technology behind our artistic expressions, Including HTML, CSS, and Java Script. To become masters of our craft, we use the latest technologies in conjunction with the principles of aesthetics and usability.

Meet our creative team

Annia Maligranda
Founder & Lead Designer

Annia is the passionate soul and driving energy behind 11 Pixels. Her intuitive understanding of design allows for the creative expression of ideas. Because of that Annia excels at turning her client’s vision into persuasive reality. The end result is a seamless project that exceeds all expectations.

Ilya Goldman

Ilya (Eli) has several years of experience in managing hosting services and internet marketing (SEO, etc.) His expertise is wide ranging and provides our clients with the option of having their design, marketing, and hosting needs all professionally met in one place.

Guy Delain
Creative Editor

A few well-placed words add direction, focus and purpose. Creative editing is our strength and makes websites come to life. Add the magic of Annia’s graphic design, and you have a truly serendipitous combination.

Give us a shout: 604 210 2741 Mail us: elevenpixels@ymail.com get in touch