Web Design

Web Design

Your web presence is the foundation of your business. Whether someone enters your world through your website, your facebook page or an email marketing campaign, you want all your materials to reflect your brand and convert lookers into buyers

Our Clientele

We’ve worked for a variety of clients locally and internationally, from individuals and startups to large companies, including industries such as:

  • Immigration / Renewable Energy / Mining & Gas & Oil / Engeneering / Internet Marketing / Securities / Construction / Education / Athletic Wear / Acupuncture / Wellness / Healing / Accounting / Flooring / Cabinets / Plumbing / Transportation / Food Markets / Tourism / Hospitality / Culinary / Retail and Wholesale / Interior Design / Antiques  /Fashion / Printing Business / Art: Acting, Illustration, Sculpting, Fine Painting, Fashion Design, Photography


Responsive & Mobile optimized web design
  • iphone friendly
  • ipad friendly
  • desktop optimized
  • laptop optimized

Both a mobile site and responsive design will optimize your site to be more appropriate for smaller screens; both will offer simpler navigation and faster load times. However, there are differences, which is why we share the advantages and disadvantages of both solutions below.